Revolutionizing Sustainable Packaging: An Animated Showcase of Innovative Barrier Coating Solutions by Siegwerk and Henkel

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Conceptualizing an Animated Showcase for Innovative Barrier Coating Packaging Solutions:

During the first stage of this project, we will conduct a comprehensive look into the client’s goals and vision. Siegwerk and Henkel, two of the most well-known companies in the eco-friendly packaging industry, have collaborated to develop a novel barrier coating with the intention of bringing about a revolution in the packaging products. We are tasked with the responsibility of transforming this vision into an enthralling 3D animation that not only highlights the intricate layers of the packaging but also highlights the sustainable, recyclable, and enhanced barrier properties that are offered by this innovative solution. We intend to craft an immersive visual narrative that resonates with audiences and effectively communicates the value proposition of Siegwerk and Henkel’s partnership. This will be accomplished through careful planning and creative brainstorming.


Crafting an Engaging Storyboard and Designing Dynamic Visual Elements:

During this stage, we delve deeply into the creative process for the purpose of meticulously crafting a textual storyboard that will serve as the blueprint for our animated showcase. Every scene has been meticulously planned to incorporate 3D models of the packaging and ground-breaking barrier coating layers in a seamless manner. These models have been expertly designed to illustrate the functionalities and advantages of these material layers. With the purpose of reinforcing key messages and increasing viewer engagement, dynamic text animations and motion graphics effects are strategically incorporated into the creative animation. Our goal is to produce a narrative that is both visually stunning and informative, with the intention of captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impression of Siegwerk and Henkel’s dedication to innovation and sustainability.

creative work in progress


Bringing the animation to life with compelling visuals and synchronized music:

Our combined efforts have yielded an engaging motion graphics animation that illustrates the revolutionary barrier coating developed by Siegwerk and Henkel. The animation lasts around 80 seconds. The animated scenes show how the barrier coating works, from making it more recyclable to stopping oxygen from penetrating. Messages regarding product safety, global impact, and sustainability are reinforced through the seamless integration of motion graphics effects and dynamic text animations. Music that syncs up with the animation makes for a more immersive experience that audiences won’t soon forget. The animation ends with a worldwide overview of Siegwerk and Henkel’s partnership, giving viewers a deep comprehension of the solution’s impact and value proposition.

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