The wheels on the hydraulic rotators go round and round

Blink once if you think a lot of people don’t know how a hydraulic rotor looks like. Blink twice if you think a 3D simulation can solve the problem.


When you have to model a product of this complexity, you have two options: you either give up after the first two minutes, or you study it in detail until you know its every nut and rod.Of course we chose the second one and we got fully acquainted with the product.


For the modeling of this hydraulic rotor (and 79 more) and putting it in a realistic animation, with the possibility of visualizing it in 360, we fully analyzed each and every detail, on all sides, from all angles and then we built it, deconstructed it and reassembled it in a virtual environment, according to the laws of physics and design.


The result was a 3D hydraulic rotor that could be seen from every angle and that could be extremely useful for anyone who would want to inspect the product without holding it in his own hands.

Moreover, the final video presents the main benefits of the product, while showing its 3D simulation in detail.

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