Create photorealistic 3D chair models

Modeling commercial and HORECA chairs in a photorealistic 3D environment for design purposes

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Conceptualization and Pre-Modeling Process:

During this initial phase, we showcase our proficiency in digital design and 3D visualization. Our customer needed exact digital representations of their chair designs since they specialize in making furniture for the HORECA industry and various business settings. To get every detail and texture of each chair, we used “sophisticated measuring tools” and high-resolution photography. For each model, this painstaking method was essential in creating an accurate and comprehensive design brief, which in turn guaranteed that our computer-aided design (CAD) creations met or exceeded the client’s expectations. Essential for accurate 3D modeling, the photorealistic textures were recorded in a range of lighting scenarios to capture the material’s inherent qualities.


Creating Photorealistic Textures and 3D Models:

First things first: our team used cutting-edge 3D software to build accurate models of the chairs. During this phase, we made sure that every model was an exact replica of the original chair by emphasizing realistic textures and precise geometries. Each model was painstakingly created by our 3D artists, who meticulously studied the intricate weaves of fabrics, wood grains, and metal finishes. This procedure, which involves high-quality 3D furniture modeling, demonstrates our commitment to meeting the precise requirements of the interior design and architecture industries.

The photoshoot for textures is on the left, and the 3D model with realistic textures is on the right.


3D file delivery and integration into design projects:

Providing high-quality 3D files that are suitable for numerous interior design and architecture applications was the last stage of our project. Interior designers and architects can easily incorporate these files into their workflows because they are compatible with all design software suites. Both visually and practically, our models are adaptable to a wide range of business and residential settings. To further emphasize their versatility in real-world design contexts, we also offered ambient renderings for certain models, which displayed the chairs in realistic interiors.

Delivering 3D photorealistic chairs

360-Degree Visualization:

We showcase our 3D models from five distinct angles, ensuring a comprehensive view of each design. This multi-angle display is important for professionals in interior design and architectural planning, offering a complete understanding of the chair’s aesthetics and structure in various spatial configurations.

Close-Up on Texture and Geometry Quality:

We also prioritize high-quality texture and geometry in our close-up renderings, in addition to the 360-degree views. This high-resolution image will showcase the chair model’s exact geometric construction and the painstaking attention to detail in the texture’s realism. The ability to accurately portray the furniture’s essence in 3D design and realistic rendering relies on our proficiency in producing textures that are both realistic and based on accurate geometrical structures.

3D ambiental renderings

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