BRD Finance 3D mascot

How can a finance programme have a friendlier approach and appeal to its target more? Yeah, it can leave no stone unturned in its efforts, but it can also come up with a fun little character.


We had a starting point:

A mascot they used to have before, but we needed to find a way to come up with something new that would give a refresh to BRD Finance’s image. So we sketched and sketched, from a chubby character, to a slender one and, in the end, to one that would make Spongebob Squarepants jelly.


After choosing the shape, we started to illustrate it and make a 3D model. Then, we made it able to move, we designed scenes in which it could be placed and anything needed for further campaigns where it would be the star.


Thus, we created a character that could be integrated in any campaign, in any scene, it could move and promote anything needed for BRD Finance. And it is used up to this date in their Marketing efforts.

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