Aectra dressing for flyers salad

All the information regarding the field (pun intended) of agriculture can give anyone a headache if the message isn’t delivered properly and in a clear, but fun way. And that’s exactly what we wanted to do: seed the right message and water it with lots of colours and 3D artwork. But enough with all the agricultural references, lettuce have a look at how we achieved the end result.


Before any creative endeavour, we first and foremost received the old flyers and, based on the information they contained, we thought about some suitable concepts.

On one hand, we chose to propose the concept of a library for crops. In Romanian, the word used for “culture” also means “crops”, therefore the idea was that of a library where you can learn everything about the products that are good for your specific crops.


On the other hand, the second concept was that of a benefits factory, because every product has its own benefits for specific fruits and vegetables that have to be made clear to the one reading the flyer.


The visual representations of the information we received from our client needed to be easy to understand and to comply with the two concepts that we agreed upon. Therefore, we started to work on 3D models for every type of flyer.

For the ones regarding the crops themselves, each fruit or vegetable turned into a library and the reader could be guided, from seeds to the point of harvest, on the recommended products for each and every step. As for the second concept, each product has been modelled as a factory which produces all kinds of benefits for a specific selection of fruits and/ or vegetables.

We paid attention to every detail of every fruit, vegetable, leaf or product cap, while from the messages’ point of view, we closely followed the two concepts.

Concept images

Folder and Power Point template


We couldn’t stop just at redesigning some flyers, as the outcome was pretty neat. Therefore, we made some press ads for different agriculture related magazines and a template for presentations that would wrap the project up, so that all the marketing materials match one another in terms of visuals and messages.

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