About us

We’re getting started with the business objectives, or so does the client think. We’re creatively developing anything but the brief. We’re efficiently implementing or at least we’ve been trying to do so... since 2007.

We’re paying a lot of attention to details – move the logo a bit to the left.

Very open to challenges and everything new – yeah, I don’t know what to say, it was better before.

We deliver first hand quality – or second hand after the feedback.

This is who we are. A team made up of good friends.

About the team

Some would say we’re a reliable creative agency.

That we have have a team of artists, strategists and engineers with some experience in working on complex graphic design, video and 3D animation projects.

Rumour has it we’re creatively and strategically approaching each and every project through our Creation and Strategy department, while our enthusiasm for implementing ideas comes true through efficient BTL solutions.


Executive Manager


Senior Account Executive




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