Q&A - Flori aka the stand-up queen

Q&A | 21.02.2020

The creative part of a project is all fun and games, until the implementation and administrative process hits us right in the face.

And, when it comes to this not-so-shiny side of Advertising, not everyone can handle its ups and down. Or the “next week we’ll deliver the package for tomorrow’s event”. Or the “oups, we need 3k more stickers by the end of the day”. On a Saturday. But also, the “wonderful job, the campaign looks amazing”. Or the “wow, it was so easy to work on this project with you, guys”.

Therefore, for all these situations and more, we have our dear colleague: Florance of House 3D Art, Queen of spreadsheets and Mother of phone calls. She knows exactly what boxes to tick and what buttons to click. Without further chatter, let’s see what insights she can give us.

Question 1

How would you manage the difficult situations that arise during a project if you were from Mars and the client from Jupiter?

More than half of the projects we successfully delivered were coordinated from afar. Communication is key and I’m a woman. Whether the client wants or not, I’ll make him talk. Therefore, I see no difference between Earth and Mars.

Question 2

Imagine: the apocalypse comes upon Excel. What will you do from tomorrow onwards without its help?

I make a prayer and go back to the good ol’ math notebook, while obsessive-compulsively pressing CTRL-Z in the left-hand corner of the page.

Question 3

How would you try to sell a funny and crazy idea to a conservative client?

By joking. I’ll say some funny nothings, assuming the fact that they will be interpreted accordingly and, when I get him to match my vibe, I pitch the idea.

Question 4

What’s your best tip&trick when it comes to negotiating?

Insist. Make a joke. Insist again. And, in the end, build a strong argument to seal the deal.

Question 5

What’s the first thought that crosses your mind when you shut down your computer at the end of the day?

Should I eat french fries with grated cheese again tonight?

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