To B2B or to B2C? That is the question.

Video Production, VR & 360

Different targets mean different messages and ways of communicating them. However, whatever the target is, you have to make sure you have the perfect balance between being informative and creative.


Edenred needed to communicate both B2B and B2C about the facilities they have for businesses on their platform and about what their mobile app has to offer for anyone who has an Edenred card. Therefore, making two animated videos was the best option to make the big amount of information easy to go through.


For each of the two videos, we first of all went through the information we needed to include, so that we could think about how to visually represent it and how to organize it. As visuals, we mostly used images from their online platform for the B2B animation and from the mobile app for the B2C one, which were shown on phone and tablet screens.

The information, on the other hand, has been refined and integrated in a clear and simple way, so that there are enough details given out, but not too much text that makes the viewer skip the video.


In the end, all the elements have been animated, rendered and sent for approval. Now, through these two short videos, both businesses and clients can find out about the benefits that Edenred provides on its platforms.

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