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Let’s get one thing straight: video content is king and we should treat it as such. And that’s what we actually do everytime we have a project that needs us to come up with creative ideas for videos.






Our client, Telus, is always on the look of people with fresh attitudes to join their team. As part of their employer branding campaign, they wanted to do a tour of their offices,


so that people would get a glimpse of what it would be like to work there. And, thus, we thought to ourselves: what better way to shot an office tour than 360°?







The first thing that had to be taken care of was the script: frame by frame and line by line. Then, with the script in one hand and the cameras in another, we shot everything in 360°. The postproduction came in and put everything together, so that the videos would be a true VR experience, ready to be uploaded on any social media platform that supports such video formats.


Really, what could show more openness than a VR film that reveals every angle? What could be better than the feeling that you are free to snoop around everywhere? You are there, you are in the middle of things, you are already a part of their corporate world.






In the end, it’s important that you don’t only deliver a quality video to your client. Or any other needed deliverable. What matters is that you also hop on the trends at the right time and we did just that when we decided to take a presentation video to a VR dimension.

* drag with the mouse to navigate in the video


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