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Rebranding comes in all shapes and sizes: you can change a brand’s identity from its very roots, you can change something important regarding the products/ services, or you can even shift to another target, therefore you have to talk differently to those that make up that new target. And the list can go on.






We were asked to bring our input in ExtruCan’s rebranding process in terms of packaging and identity materials (rollups, banners, business cards, flyers, presentation stand). Said and done!


During our brainstorming we had in mind the following aspects: we had to come up with something new and cool, to redefine their visual style in order to fit their new beliefs.


The good part? We were free to come up with whatever creative idea that would fit those criteria. The bad part? No such thing, therefore we went straight to work.







We started designing the new materials by wanting to express the simplicity and elegance that define our client mixed with the typical vivacity and playfulness of any beloved pet.

To accomplish this, we went by the flat design rules, with flat UI colors and vivid shades, in contrast with the black background.


Meanwhile, the colored silhouettes differentiate the products, but are also meant to catch the attention.

What’s more is that we thought about bringing in a little playfulness by using the words that best describe how we always want our pets to be: playful, joyful, healthy, happy, good.







In the end, the rebranding process of the packaging and identity materials was a success: we delivered a fresh design, while maintaining the core values of our client and the spirit of the pets.



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