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Building a website from scratch is a real challenge. But we love challenges and want to do as many things in-house as possible. Therefore, making a completely functional and engaging e-commerce platform sounded great for us.
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Pan Art, a client that produces delicious artisanal treats, decided that, in order to expand  its awareness and sales, should go online. In order to do that, we decided that we should go with a clean and simple look, as people don’t want to


waste a lot of time roaming through endless pages when trying to buy something online. Keeping that in mind, the best platform to keep it simple that we thought of was Wordpress.







 And here the fun part begins. To make things easier and more efficient, we chose a pre-existent theme for the website. The branding part had already been taken care of by us, so we only made sure that the template from Wordpress matched the branding and, if not, we made sure that everything respected the brand guidelines.

However, one of the most important steps when it comes to projects like this is defining the sitemap: what the menu looks like, what pages there are, so that it’s easy and intuitive to navigate through pages.







Then, the content creation came by. From writing everything needed for the footer, to specific pages, to simple texts that would appear on the Thank You page or even the e-mails one would receive upon placing an order – we took care of everything related to copywriting.

As for the products that were about to be listed, a professional photoshoot has been arranged for them to look as good as possible on the site and there have been descriptions made for each category and each product.


After those important steps, followed the CMS development and a lot of integrations and configurations: delivery, billing, functionality modules and online payment. Moreover, we found the right plug-ins for the right needs: newsletter subscriptions, different discounts and campaigns and even a loyalty points programme.

However, as any e-commerce site that wants to have a lot of daily traffic, two things must be taken care of: page loading speed and SEO. The first one was also part of our job and we did it as best as we could without having an in-house programmer. The second one, however, is best done by experts. After all, there no one can really be Jack of all trades, right?







What our client received was a fully functioning e-commerce website that has all the tools needed to drive traffic, sales and to display the yummy products. Moreover, it’s easy to navigate, easy to set up and easy to generate sales especially during a time when businesses shift towards online services.




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