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A company can nail the communication with its external public, but at the same time, they should focus on the internal one, too. The employees are essential for any business to run smoothly, therefore it is essential to motivate and show them that the company cares about them.
Copac agricover






The Human Resources team had one request only: a short clip that would focus on the following statement: “One team, one mission”. The reason? Employees need a bit of motivation from time to time, a reminder that they have a common goal and their own strengths make them stronger together.


Therefore, we thought about a concept that would both fit the statement and the industry it was meant for: a seed that grows into a beautiful tree with strong roots and clear directions in which the branches grow. Thus, we’re talking about a team with strong roots, clear goals and one mission: to grow as beautiful as ever.

pasare agricover


Storyboard-Agricover o echipa





As we do for absolutely any video, we first and foremost took care of the storyboard. We patiently waited for the feedback, then, when everything was approved,

we started working on the illustrations. Then, they were brought to life through animation and, lastly, the voiceover was recorded and added to the mix.







It all resulted in a motivational video, that shows that the Agricover team is a strong one and can grow even stronger if driven by the right values.



Moreover, we succeeded to mix agriculture related visuals with the message the HR team wanted to send to all the company’s employees.


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