How to "drop" a new logo

Brand Identity & Packaging

You know how the saying goes: a picture is a thousand words. Well, in this case, a logo is a thousand and one words, because it sums up the entire brand in a visual form.






DDE Solutions, a company that operates in the gas and oil industry, needed a change regarding their logo. Basically, it resembled the logo of another company, therefore we had to come up with three different logos that would still contain the main element: a drop.







We integrated the drop in different ways, styles, trying to draw the attention to it while also using visual symbols for technology or chemistry. When we finally agreed on only three designs, we also turned them into 3D versions of themselves, for a different perspective.







Out of the three proposals we delivered, there was one that caught our client’s attention and that had the perfect mix of uniqueness, authenticity and creativity.

DDE_logo_deliver B
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