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Did you know that there are millions of branded pens lost every year? Of course you already knew that, because most probably you lost quite a handful, too. But what about branded memory sticks, notepads, bags, t-shirts and so on?








TELUS International is a client that has been with us for quite some time, therefore we know it well and we fully understand its needs.

Even more so when we’re talking about BTL solutions which, as for any other big company, are much needed.







What? An ongoing list of promo items that have the best quality within the budget, the best printing solutions and that wouldn’t be as likely to be lost. Because no one would like to lose something useful and that they enjoy using, right?

How? By selecting the right providers, by creating the right design that will be printed or by making sure that the logo will look flawless on the desired item.








We know that branded promo items not only speak for our services, but also for the quality of the services our client provides.

Therefore, we make sure that the process from the brainstorming to the execution runs smoothly. And that’s why we were able to deliver a whole range of products (from pens, to t-shirts, to keychains and even memory sticks) that are ready to be kept safe and sound by anyone who is going to receive them.

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