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We love love love love looove (you get the point) when we get a brief that doesn’t include a list of endless rules in the “Mandatories” section. We love love looove (you get the point) when we get a brief that lets us come up with ideas as creative as possible within the budget. Or at least that’s what we call blank staring for 3 hours straight during a so-called brainstorming.
Mapa Gewiss featured






Once upon a time, there was a nice event about smart homes targeted towards architects. Not just any architects, but those who are creme de la creme. And this type of people are hard to bring to events. You have to really make them curious. And for that, you need amazing invitations.






And this is where we came into the picture: to create all the materials needed to promote this event and to get as many guests as possible. But, for this to happen, we had to think about a concept first. We thought about mixing smart and... smart. Smart as in stylish and smart as in tech, just like in the case of any smart home.







And then it was time to get to work. We started by thinking about a visual direction of the materials and we chose to go with a mix of classic and modern, of art and tech. Therefore, we ended up having a beautiful frame and a wireless switch from GEWISS.

From this point on, we started developing the invitations, the giveaways, the spider for the event, as well as any other materials for media and e-mail marketing. Hence, not only was the visual part important, but also the copywriting part of the project.


From the headline which was strongly linked to the chosen concept, to the text for the invitation and for all the other materials, we took care of them all.

When it comes to the giveaway part, we also wanted to highlight the elegance, therefore we chose shirt buttons for the gentlemen and brooches for the ladies, both of which have mechanical details that showcase the mix of beauty and technology, plus incense sticks as a nice touch for any home.






And, just like that, we came up with the digital and printed materials and with the custom made promotional gifts.

Long story short we… nailed it!


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