Presenting the Edenred Presentation

Infographics and Visual Presentations
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A high-level corporate presentation template is always a very serious task. It requires thoroughness, ultimate accuracy and it must disclose professionalism up to the tinniest details.






It’s all fun and games when a specific department in the company needs the presentation, but when the client had let us know this presentation would go directly to the company CEO, the entire amount of pressure instantly doubled… tripled, in fact!

We didn’t lose our ground and got creative. As any material needs a concept, a creative direction, we chose ours to be led by a friendly character who would go through the entire storyline and would help the Romanian GM present what Edenred Romania does and is going to do in the future.








We designed 18 slides for the presentation which revolved around the journey of the little character. As the presentation was about Edenred Romania, we decided to call him hERRO. The storyline follows hERRO jumping from one island to another where he discovers all the different aspects for, but not limited to business development.

We created the layout of each slide in such a way that the needed text can be added without making the image look too crowded.








Being driven by creativity and open-mindedness, we’ve managed to create a meaningful storyline, spiced up with specific business details. The template is especially designed to be visually attractive, to point out the main discussion points and to keep the balance between professional/ business and fun/ creative.


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