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We’ve got the moves like a gif infographic. Or was it like Jagger? The point is: we love new takes on good old infographics. And we also love food, what a shocker! And if you mix the two and boil for a relative amount of time, you get two infographics, prêt-à-manger.



Eat, eat, eat, repeat, or whatever Fatboy Slim said. We had the info for the infographics, but we just had to choose the best facts that people who see the infographic can munch on. Keeping in mind that it was all about Romanians’ lunch habits, we needed a simple, but eye-catching way to display all the important data. Therefore, we thought about an infographic with a twist: turning it into a gif.


develop gifographic



How? By following the recipe and not adding too much salt:

  • Structure and organize the information;
  • Tell a story; 
  • Establish correspondence between content and illustrations;
  • Find balance between text and illustrations; 
  • Animate the illustrations;
  • Implement the feedback.

Sounds too pretentious? That’s because it is, or at least we want to prove by words, too, that we know what we’re doing.





Brief? Check. Ideas? Check. Infographics? Check. Something’s got to be missing, though. It can’t be all that simple. Ok, let’s go again through all the details: easy to read, colourful and eye-catching. Well, it seems like we didn’t miss anything. Moreover, the infographics didn’t miss their goal: launching the “Come at 1 at lunch” campaign in Romania.



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