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When someone mentions offers, chances are that heads will turn. But how do you make them as appealing as possible for social media where people don’t usually pay attention to anything for more than 3 seconds?
Benefits Island Marketing Campaign Edenred v2









The brief we got was straight to the point: there were some products the client needed to upsell. How? By doing a cross-sell promotion and announcing it on their social media platforms. The point of this campaign was to show the benefits as a package, as a whole, rather than individually.


As soon as we read the brief, there was already a storm in our brains even though we weren’t in a brainstorming yet. Should we involve super heroes? Nah. Should we integrate them in a benefits factory? Nah. Idea, after idea, until we came to the solution: the Benefits Island.








We thought about the main visual elements that should be on the “island” and that should match the benefits of the bundles. For this, we proposed three different graphic styles,


but we ended up working with illustrations. Then, we gave our best to make the bundles and their benefits as appealing and colorful as possible.






Edenred Benefits Island Mock up

We delivered three illustrations specially made for social media posts and that could be turned into printed flyers anytime as needed.

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