3D video: Delightful Drabo Dryer

3D Graphics, Animations & Simulations

When it comes to presenting a product, a video is the most efficient way to show the particularities, the functionalities and the benefits of the product.
uscator rufe drabo gif


A clothes dryer. How could you present such a simple and useful object in a way that’s interesting for the viewers and so that they can understand how to use it and what its benefits are? Well, we decided on making a 3D modeled product presentation video.


First of all, we got to see the product with our own eyes: how it can be assembled, how it can be used, the textures and the finishes of each piece. Then, it has been measured so that we could make its 3D model just right.

The script has been thought through, then, based on it, the clothes dryer has been modeled, textured and animated. We also added key phrases that summed up the benefits of the product for the end user.


We wrapped everything up in a short video that our client was very happy with as we managed to satisfy all him requirements and expectations. Moreover, a presentation video of this kind can help increase sales as the potential customer can already see everything he needs to know about the item.

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