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A company isn’t necessarily a brand. Furthermore, the logo doesn’t make the brand. The branding process does. Therefore, we took the problem in our own hands when it came to Connect 44.
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The Problem.

Connect 44 is the company that helps people connect as fast as possible, by supporting the operators and manufacturers in the managing and optimization processes for mobile networks.

However, the company operated quite some time without a well-established visual identity that can only be achieved through branding. Moreover, the moment you have everything figured out brand-related, you can also start the Marketing efforts and strategies.

Our solution.

For such a company to benefit from an increase of popularity in its field, especially as it operates internationally, it needs to go through a complete branding process. And we helped them do just that, having only their logo as a starting point. We took it from the brand book, to Marketing materials and even to conference room design. Let’s see how we helped them build their image.

The process.

We love branding projects, even though they can put us through a lot of emotions. From endless brainstorming sessions where our best and worst ideas are brought to life, to sketching on paper, crumpling it up and sketching again. From relaxing because “we still have time until the deadline”, to panic and nervous breakdowns caused by lack of time, ideas and/or deliverables that may have gone wrong.

However, what happens behind the scenes remain behind the scenes. What everyone can see is the final branding product: the overall look, feel and vibe of the brand, the tone of voice and the entire design process of the corporate visual identity.

Each created material had a clear objective to position the Connect 44 brand depending on its competition, but also in accordance with its target audience. Thus, no text, no line and no colour is randomly chosen, all of them and more have been put through our team’s experience filter and through the client’s desires and objectives filter.  

Therefore, we worked on what you can see from the outside, but also from the inside. Keeping this in mind, we also managed to come up with an interior branding, having iconic buildings from the main Romanian cities as inspiration.

The branding process can seem easy, but just because we love it and we are pretty good at it. However, in reality, it requires time, patience and vision, while the result has a huge impact on the communication and business objectives.

The Results.

The biggest result is that a company that has a global presence can now be considered a global brand thanks to the branding efforts that our team contributed to with knowledge and just the right skills.

Moreover, as we speak, Connect 44 uses the brand line established by us in all the countries where it is present.

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