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One-project stands are cool, because, if you do a great job, chances are that there can be a second one in the future. And if not, at least there won’t be a walk of shame involved the morning after… the deliverables are sent.





The request was as simple as it gets: a new identity requires a fresh look for the Marketing materials. Therefore, we were in charge with a brochure design. And because we were talking about a


company that manages architectural projects, it was clear as day that we thought about using architecture inspired visuals at least in one of the three proposals.









And guess which brochure design proposal won our client’s heart? The one with an architectural style, of course. Therefore, we received all the information we needed for the brochure, we fine-tuned in to the smallest


detail so that it accurately presented the spirit and the professionalism of the company and, then, we started to work on the design itself.






We wrapped the brochure up in a .pdf that we sent out to our client. After a couple of feedbacks, everything was nicely put together and ready to go.



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