Connect 44 case study – connecting a company to a brand

The Problem.

Connect 44 is the company that helps people connect as fast as possible, by supporting the operators and manufacturers in the managing and optimization processes for mobile networks.

However, the company operated quite some time without a well-established visual identity that can only be achieved through branding. Moreover, the moment you have everything figured out brand-related, you can also start the Marketing efforts and strategies.

Our solution.

For such a company to benefit from an increase of popularity in its field, especially as it operates internationally, it needs to go through a complete branding process. And we helped them do just that, having only their logo as a starting point. We took it from the brand book, to Marketing materials and even to conference room design. Let’s see how we helped them build their image.

The process.

We love branding projects, even though they can put us through a lot of emotions. From endless brainstorming sessions where our best and worst ideas are brought to life, to sketching on paper, crumpling it up and sketching again. From relaxing because “we still have time until the deadline”, to panic and nervous breakdowns caused by lack of time, ideas and/or deliverables that may have gone wrong.

However, what happens behind the scenes remain behind the scenes. What everyone can see is the final branding product: the overall look, feel and vibe of the brand, the tone of voice and the entire design process of the corporate visual identity.

Each created material had a clear objective to position the Connect 44 brand depending on its competition, but also in accordance with its target audience. Thus, no text, no line and no colour is randomly chosen, all of them and more have been put through our team’s experience filter and through the client’s desires and objectives filter.  

Therefore, we worked on what you can see from the outside, but also from the inside. Keeping this in mind, we also managed to come up with an interior branding, having iconic buildings from the main Romanian cities as inspiration.

The branding process can seem easy, but just because we love it and we are pretty good at it. However, in reality, it requires time, patience and vision, while the result has a huge impact on the communication and business objectives.

The Results.

The biggest result is that a company that has a global presence can now be considered a global brand thanks to the branding efforts that our team contributed to with knowledge and just the right skills.

Moreover, as we speak, Connect 44 uses the brand line established by us in all the countries where it is present.

To B2B or to B2C? That is the question.


Edenred needed to communicate both B2B and B2C about the facilities they have for businesses on their platform and about what their mobile app has to offer for anyone who has an Edenred card. Therefore, making two animated videos was the best option to make the big amount of information easy to go through.


For each of the two videos, we first of all went through the information we needed to include, so that we could think about how to visually represent it and how to organize it. As visuals, we mostly used images from their online platform for the B2B animation and from the mobile app for the B2C one, which were shown on phone and tablet screens.

The information, on the other hand, has been refined and integrated in a clear and simple way, so that there are enough details given out, but not too much text that makes the viewer skip the video.


In the end, all the elements have been animated, rendered and sent for approval. Now, through these two short videos, both businesses and clients can find out about the benefits that Edenred provides on its platforms.

GG WP for a cool video game intro







A game development agency sent us some directions which we had to use for a short video test. More precisely, we already had the voiceover and the main character, but we had to think about a short script for what the character is going to do during those 4 seconds and how we could make him have a dramatic intro.

Therefore, we chose a dark street where the character, who was driving a car, pulled up on the side of the road.







The video was based on 3D animation and composition. We chose a certain style, we set a certain mood for the scene and we worked on the graphics that would match the already existing voice over.


The entire process was painstaking, because everything had to look as close to reality as possible, the light had to be cast in a natural way and everything had to seem ripped out of a well-made video game you’d want to play yourself.








Therefore, we delivered a cool video game short intro with even cooler graphics and made by the coolest team.



One team, one mission, one video







The Human Resources team had one request only: a short clip that would focus on the following statement: “One team, one mission”. The reason? Employees need a bit of motivation from time to time, a reminder that they have a common goal and their own strengths make them stronger together.


Therefore, we thought about a concept that would both fit the statement and the industry it was meant for: a seed that grows into a beautiful tree with strong roots and clear directions in which the branches grow. Thus, we’re talking about a team with strong roots, clear goals and one mission: to grow as beautiful as ever.

pasare agricover


Storyboard-Agricover o echipa





As we do for absolutely any video, we first and foremost took care of the storyboard. We patiently waited for the feedback, then, when everything was approved,

we started working on the illustrations. Then, they were brought to life through animation and, lastly, the voiceover was recorded and added to the mix.







It all resulted in a motivational video, that shows that the Agricover team is a strong one and can grow even stronger if driven by the right values.



Moreover, we succeeded to mix agriculture related visuals with the message the HR team wanted to send to all the company’s employees.



How to ACE a brochure





The request was as simple as it gets: a new identity requires a fresh look for the Marketing materials. Therefore, we were in charge with a brochure design. And because we were talking about a


company that manages architectural projects, it was clear as day that we thought about using architecture inspired visuals at least in one of the three proposals.









And guess which brochure design proposal won our client’s heart? The one with an architectural style, of course. Therefore, we received all the information we needed for the brochure, we fine-tuned in to the smallest


detail so that it accurately presented the spirit and the professionalism of the company and, then, we started to work on the design itself.






We wrapped the brochure up in a .pdf that we sent out to our client. After a couple of feedbacks, everything was nicely put together and ready to go.



All the roads lead to infographics








We got a brief from our friends from Agricover to find a way to present what they do in one single image. And this is the biggest challenge for any infographic: to find a way to display a large amount of information in a clear, logical and engaging way.


To do that, we thought about using the visual representation of the road from the logistic hub to the marketplaces with all the services and benefits they provide.








We sketched everything at first, trying different styles and different layouts for the information and symbols.

We finally agreed upon illustrating the hubs, the farms,

the technology and the delivery process through some minimalistic illustrations, while only using the brand colors.








The entire process resulted in an easy-to-follow infographic, with well structured information and

clear illustrations, that closely follows the brandbook rules.


Presenting the Edenred Presentation







It’s all fun and games when a specific department in the company needs the presentation, but when the client had let us know this presentation would go directly to the company CEO, the entire amount of pressure instantly doubled… tripled, in fact!

We didn’t lose our ground and got creative. As any material needs a concept, a creative direction, we chose ours to be led by a friendly character who would go through the entire storyline and would help the Romanian GM present what Edenred Romania does and is going to do in the future.








We designed 18 slides for the presentation which revolved around the journey of the little character. As the presentation was about Edenred Romania, we decided to call him hERRO. The storyline follows hERRO jumping from one island to another where he discovers all the different aspects for, but not limited to business development.

We created the layout of each slide in such a way that the needed text can be added without making the image look too crowded.








Being driven by creativity and open-mindedness, we’ve managed to create a meaningful storyline, spiced up with specific business details. The template is especially designed to be visually attractive, to point out the main discussion points and to keep the balance between professional/ business and fun/ creative.


The catalogue that doesn’t fence the creativity







The request was for us to make a catalogue that contained all the different types of gates, fences and accesories that our client, Davos, had to offer. The challenge, however, was to find a way to make them stand out and to make people want to read more about them.

Therefore, we thought about something we’re really good at: 3D modeling.








While working on this catalogue, we made sure to use friendly fonts, just enough white space and, most importantly, the products we modeled.

The images needed to highlight function, to emphasize the advantages, to show the variety and their uniqueness, to make the potential customer see beyond the cold metallic luster and appreciate the aesthetics. In the end, the layout was designed, the text refined and the images put in their place.










Thus, we delivered a friendly catalogue in spite of a less friendly category of products. However, we succeeded to put them in another light and to shift from the functional nature of the products to the aesthetic one.


Turbomecanica exhibition stand, innit?







When thinking about an exhibition stand, you have to take into account the message you want to send out to the people that just walk by and about how you want it to speak for itself and for the company. Therefore, before starting to design it, we wanted to highlight the professional and engineering aspects of Turbomecanica, while also being visually engaging.









As the design we wanted to create implied a lot of 3D elements, we started by modeling and rendering them. Then, we placed them on some layouts depending on how we wanted the exhibition stand to look like and how much we wanted to draw the attention to them. Thus, through discrete clues and games of symbols we introduced key elements related to the industrial design area, specific to the industry and product market of our client.

randare-3D-piese-turbomecanica transparent




Airbus turbomecanica


We, therefore, succeeded to turn a very limited amount of space into a miniature universe that faithfully reflected everything about the company, brand, products and services through a well thought and well made exhibition stand.





Turbomecanica’s airy brochure








A brochure has two essential elements that have to be taken into account from the very beginning: the layout and the text.

That’s why the first thing we agreed upon during the brainstorming was that the layout would be airy. Pun intended.

Then, we wanted to make everything a little more appealing by inserting 3D models.







We started by making 3D models for each piece that Turbomecanica wanted to place in the brochure. Then, we modeled and rendered other images needed for the layout design such as a plane, a helicopter, a turbine and then placed everything in a clean layout.

As for the text, we carefully selected the information that was really important for any reader, so that he would be given crystal-clear explanations, while we also used symbols to express some small parts of the text, so that the entire material would be easy and fast to go through.

develop turbomecanica 1






We succeeded to deliver an informative but visually engaging brochure, that fits perfectly in the engineering landscape, but is also easy to understand and read for anyone interested.