FOMO much?

Know-how | 18.02.2020

Do you see a friend’s Insta Story from a party and wish you were there? Do you feel the need to buy something, anything, on Black Friday? Yes and yes? Then you have experienced the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) effect.

Moreover, if your FOMO happens to be mostly triggered by those #foodporn, #myDubai or #aboutlastnight Instagram posts, based on statistics, you must also be a Millennial.

FOMO is extremely important when it comes to marketing strategies. This phenomenon can make consumers fear not keeping up with the latest news, trends, offers and is especially present on the social media platforms. And, when you work in Digital MarCom, you must know how to use FOMO to your advantage.

Scarcity and urgency

When a brand you like announces they have already sold 99% of the tickets for their concert, you may feel the urgency to buy a ticket, too, as soon as possible. See? Scarcity creates urgency, because people fear not getting a limited-edition item or a “limited stock available” deal.

As we’ve already discussed in our previous article, user generated content (UGC) engages the community. FOMO can be, however, triggered outside that community, more specifically among those user’s followers. Do you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge and how everyone wanted to join it because they saw some celebrities or friends do it? In the end, we all trust more what we see our real or virtual friends do or think.

UGC campaigns

Engagement for social proof

As much as people dislike to acknowledge this, there are times when they are influenced by the herd mentality, and social proof is based exactly on this. Basically, if a lot of people positively review a product you haven’t tried yet, you want to try it too. Or, if a lot of people engage with a brand’s Facebook post, for example, you may want to do the same. Thus, engagement must be encouraged at all times.

We all want to feel like VIPs sometimes, and that’s exactly the feeling we get when we feel like we have exclusivity. You can induce this feeling by creating Facebook groups that customers can join and where they can benefit from certain advantages or rewards.


Useful content

While keeping the above suggestions in mind, don’t forget to deliver content that users wouldn’t want to miss, something that makes your product or service relevant to their daily lives.

In conclusion, FOMO is triggered by someone else’s experience. Make sure you turn your product or service into an experience your customers wouldn’t want to miss. By doing so, your brand remains relevant in the digital world and gains awareness.

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