6 Benefits of Email Marketing

Know-how | 12.03.2020

We check our inbox at least once a day: be it the first thing we do when we get to the office or the moment when we scroll through our latest emails while chilling on the sofa at night.

This can easily pass as one of the reasons Email Marketing has one of the highest scores in terms of ROI. And not just that, but there are also 6 more benefits:


Low costs

Especially in the case of start-ups, every single penny counts. However, so does advertising. In this case, some newsletters would satisfy both needs. The most important thing is that, unlike those costly tactics, this one has great results and an…


After weeks of research, of choosing the objectives, of building an email database, choosing the right subject, the title that would make the consumers read more and the relevant CTAs, it’s finally time to press “Send”. On the bright side, shortly after that you can already see the conversions taking place. And an identical scenario can lead to…

Instant impact

Increased sales

It’s no wonder that, for e-commerce sites, a visitor is 2 times more likely to buy something after reading a newsletter than those visitors coming from search engines, and 7 times more likely than those who have seen a social media post. In the end, if you personalize your messages, you send them out often enough to be remembered, but rarely enough to not be annoying, your campaign will definitely be successful. And, thus, your brand can also build…


The solution is simple: one-on-one connections with people (phone, email, face to face). Out of them, email is within hand’s reach for any marketer and the most efficient for any business. Moreover, you can make your customers feel special with vouchers, small gifts, free passes or birthday discounts. Or maybe even with the help of a nice message sent on an important day. Chances are you’ll turn your brand into one that’s…

Stronger customer relations

Top of mind

Music streaming services? Spotify. Chill? Netflix. Depending on what message you send to your customers, you can make them immediately think about your brand when it comes to the industry it is a part of. As you can easily reach them through Email Marketing, you only need some interesting content that they can enjoy and that can get stuck in their heads. However, be careful to make it…


Let’s imagine we’re talking about a fashion retail site. Maybe there is someone who loves newsletters about belts and earrings (they opened them and generated conversions), while their friend would “report” anything that has to do with skirts. Therefore, to make sure both of them will open and read your newsletter, you can personalize them and target the right content to the right people.

Targeted and persona-lized

In the end, as some would say: “You have to spend money to make money”. Although, not too much, because, as we’ve already established, it’s a cheap way of making your voice heard. On the other hand, it will make you forget about those reports with unsatisfactory conversion numbers.


And if these 6 benefits caught your attention, you can make the first step by sending us an email. 😉

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